PRESS RELEASE: Goodbye Open Wheel Racer, Hello Griff Goes Racing…

March 6th 2019

Following four years of photography, writing, and interaction in Motorsport through the websites HTTP://WWW.OPENWHEELRACER.COM and HTTP://WWW.107PERCENT.CO.UK, the decision has been taken to rebrand our service as HTTP://WWW.GRIFFGOESRACING.COM, subject immediately.

Our original goal was to bring together passionate fans to write and photograph Formula 1, MotoGP, Formula E, INDYCAR, World Endurance Championship and World Rally Championship as a project to unite true sports fans, away from the ever increasing sensationalism of the industry.

As this is something that requires time, and those of us involved have still to work full time jobs around this, the decision has been made to refocus our website and time under the founder – Mr Chris “Griff” Griffiths. This has lead to the rebrand to Griff Goes Racing.

Web content and images remain the same, and all back issued works by Griff have been transferred to the new brand. Additional image archives have also been found and uploaded, with more to come.

As an additional service, Griff Goes Racing will be looking to support all levels of motorsport through press and photographic coverage, and are keen to help give exposure to those rising through the ranks.

Regardless of changes listed above, Griff Goes Racing, Open Wheel Racer, and 107Percent.co.uk all remain part of openwheel.media.

In essence, things have changed, but everything else remains the same!

For comments or enquiries, please contact us directly.

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